Improved quality of life for all.

The NDM is committed to the improvement of the physical, socio-economic and institutional environment in order to address triple challenges through sustainable development and service excellence.

  • To promote and pursue key national, Provincial and local development goals as enriched in vision 2030
  • To be inclusive and caring organisation
  • To be democratic transaparent,accountable and participative in pursuance of our objectives
  • Integrated Sustainable Human Settlements and improved quality of household life
  • Efficient, competitive and responsive economic infrastructure network
  • Decent employment through inclusive economic growth
  • Inculcate and improve financial sustainability and management
  • Responsive, accountable, effective, efficient and sound Governance System
  • Skilled and capable workforce supportive of inclusive growth
  • Vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities and food security
  • Protection and enhancement of environmental assets and natural resources
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